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Tackle Business and IT challenges with ASC's suite of Advisory Services.

At Advancement Strategy, we deliver IT Strategy differently. In every sector across the globe, business environments are experiencing constantly shifting competitive disruption.  IT leaders are under enormous demand and pressure to deliver higher quality results while staying efficient and cutting costs. We know the feeling!

After years in the C-suite tackling nearly every major IT challenge, our practitioners took their experience and learnings and developed new methodologies exclusive to Advancement Strategy. These proven systems allow our team to streamline solutions to strategic business challenges that accelerate innovative results. The experience and knowledge of having “walked the walk” gives us the intimate insider knowledge needed to overcome the challenges our clients face.

With our concise, business-oriented approach, you’ll be able to develop a new IT Strategy that resounds and aligns with all stakeholders and business priorities within your enterprise. With BAM!™, C2O™, and STREAM™, you'll experience specific actions that optimize your existing infrastructure, tackle the IT challenges associated with Mergers and Acquisitions, and taming the chaos that may exist in your organization. We resolve the stressful problems related to all things IT through these proprietary workflows:

Business Advancement BAM!
Business Advancement BAM! icon

Business Advancement Methodology (BAM! ™)

Utilizing BAM!™ allows for organizations to retain and optimize existing infrastructure to support new operating and business models.

Business Advancement Methodology inherently increases IT Leadership and CEO alignment – taking advantage of Digital Transformation opportunities to stay ahead of the competition while creating alignment between IT and organizational growth strategies.

Utilizing BAM!:

  • Increases understanding of how the delivery of business value has changed.
  • Enables companies to connect with customers and leads in new, more efficient ways.
  • Facilitates the ability to reach new customers beyond target demographics.





Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation icon

Digital Transformation

Technology disruption accelerates the speed of business and continues to separate future-forward companies from those who have not yet caught up. Vertically integrated corporations that continue rely on managing infrastructure, functions, and processes internally often have a difficult time envisioning a new way of operating.

Business Advancement provides organizations with a framework and plans to envision and execute these modern, innovative strategies. By utilizing Digital Transformation, ASC enables companies to outsmart their competitors who are also racing to implement these innovations.






Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures (STREAM)
Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures (STREAM) icon

Strategic Technology RE-Alignment for Mergers (STREAM™)

Advancement Strategy helps organizations that have grown through Mergers and Acquisitions streamline their operations through divestitures. Our role is to help companies understand the IT and Management impacts of these transactions by identifying Cost Savings Opportunities.

We help companies both before (with upfront strategy and risk assessment) and after (with integration and efficiency) the organizational changes occur. By consolidating IT assets and ongoing IT investments, clients save money, free up capital and human resources, and reduce future costs.





C2O icon

C2O™: Chaos to Order

Chaos to Order (C2O™):
C2O focuses on IT leadership’s principal challenges and brings “Chaos to Order”. This system provides solution thought leadership to IT situations and problems, and develops strategies to rectify IT complexities.

ASC can reduce organizational chaos in all sorts of ways:

  • Cloud Migration, Strategic Sourcing, or Shared Services Initiative.
  • Removal/Introduction of New IT Leader.
  • Change in Service Management System.
  • Implementation or consolidation of an ERP system.
  • Announcement of budget reduction or cost-cutting initiative.





IT Policy
IT Policy  icon

IT Policy

Our IT policy services are based on industry standards, including ITIL.

We help organizations establish and comply with established IT policies to govern their IT operations. These policies cover software development, IT asset acquisition, tracking and disposal, and IT security policies.

Data Analytics
Data Analytics icon

Data & Analytics

ASC uses big data analysis tools to uncover insights in many areas including IT Service Management, Performance Efficiency, Public Sentiment Analysis and M&A analysis.

Our analytics insights support both our strategy recommendations to clients and our operational improvement advice.

ASC Insights

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