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DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

$100B Global Aerospace & Defense Corporation



Challenge: Advancement Strategy experts assessed the global capability of a decentralized and siloed multi-PMO environment, using multiple PPM tools and limited standard processes across multiple business units, portfolio bundles and technology platforms for this Fortune 100 company.

  • Using one PPM tool and global processes, we created a transformational roadmap approach consolidating multiple PMOs into a single enterprise-level ePMO capability and structure.
  • Each PMO’s capability maturity level and operational processes were evaluated against industry best practices and the future Business strategy. The audit results led to 27 distinct PMO functions being restructured, reengineered, and re-tooled into a global ePMO capability.
  • This improved the global investment portfolio’s decision-making process, provided easily tracked progress, standardized gate management, and enhanced transparency.


This client experienced an 18% savings on a $3.3B project portfolio after implementing our recommendations.

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

$700M Regional Water & Waste Water Utility

IT Strategy & Roadmap


Challenge: ASC Advisory Practice SMEs audited an existing 5-year IT Strategy at the end of its 4th year of performance, which resulted in the development and delivery of a new 3-year IT Strategy & Roadmap.


  • The administration of a capability maturity assessment led to developing and re-prioritizing all improvement recommendations for the new IT Strategy & Roadmap. By analyzing the existing software licensing contracts, project portfolios and timelines, we identified potential opportunities to reduce licensing spend.
  • The company had already started implementing its original IT Strategy. We incorporated their progress and supplemented with future state investment modifications that took advantage of improved technology and pricing.


Our recommendations resulted in rationalizing multiple software platforms by aligning each one to clearly defined enterprise business processes.

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

$7B Professional Services Company

Business Operating Strategy:


Challenge: SMEs within our Advisory Practices determined the most profitable service lines, products, and market centers by evaluating over 9,000 contracts and over 10,000,000 contract line items.


  • The team identified an approximately $30 Billion market opportunity after determining that less than 10% of the market was being serviced in one of their most profitable segments.
  • Our staff conducted competitive analyses to determine which career models were most effective for staff members of technical versus non-technical backgrounds. Post-analysis, we developed alternative operating models providing appropriate incentives for staff members according to their motivations.
  • By solidifying and defining the client’s competitive advantages, we prioritized the most effective factors to use to increase sales and win more business. These factors informed our recommendations as to where they should invest their time.


This client consolidated costs and boosted ROI and staff retention rates after implementing ASC organizational structure change recommendations.

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

$17B Electronics Manufacturing & Distribution

BPO/IT Strategic Sourcing


Challenge: Our Advisory practice SMEs developed an integrated business BPO and IT strategic sourcing strategy for a global brand. This approach created a globally-integrated strategic sourcing model by consolidating three business processes of ~2,000 FTEs as well as developing the global application and support function of ~1,000 FTEs.


  • We evaluated the current state of the organization’s Business and IT delivery capability’s maturity against industry best practices and developed a comprehensive global strategic sourcing plan.
  • The implemented changes dramatically improved new business capability speed to market.


Over 3 years, the new strategy reduced business costs by 25% and IT costs by 40%, saving $51 Million annually.

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Higher Education Institution

Portal Development


Challenge: This university serving international students needed to update the technology and user experience of their website and student/faculty portal to be easy to navigate and update.


  • After conducting a thorough evaluation and assessment of the university’s existing web sites and functional capabilities, ASC Advisory SMEs developed a roadmap outlining transformative recommendations to improve its digital overall look and feel, user experience, and functional capabilities for its students, employees, faculty, and public consumers.
  • Our Development and Engineering practice SMEs re-engineered the technology platform and redesigned all the original website content into two separate portals for internal users and public consumers.
  • We provided development, engineering, and QA/QC to internal websites and portal engine and ensured seamless integration to University-specific third-party services.
  • Post-development, we conducted new portal capability training and change management across the University to all Schools, Colleges, and operational departments/functions.
  • Our trainers developed all training collateral—aids, web videos, and classroom material—and conducted in-person training to ensure universal understanding and ease of implementation.
  • We continue to provide overall program management and governance, day-to-day technical support, and new demand triage for both the internal portal and public-facing web site.


The client experienced an 80% decrease in calls to the University Help Desk and a 220% increase in user satisfaction scores.

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

$20B Global Media & Communications Corporation

Software Engineering


Challenge: In order to implement new functional capabilities required to improve its global services delivery supply chain, this client needed to increase speed-to-market. There was also a need to decrease a growing backlog of new and existing change requests to existing production operations.


  • ASC’s Agile SW Development Global Capability increased the capacity of software design, development, and deployment of new scripts, integrations, and configurations by using Agile Kanban methods.
  • Our maintenance capabilities supported existing scripts, integrations, and configurations of global production operations. We performed solution testing, QA/QC, and provided end-user support to production releases.


User satisfaction scores increased by 24.5%, the IT request backlog reduced by 32%, and the sprint delivery cycle improved significantly after implementing these methods.

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

$100B Global Insurance Company

Change Management & Adoption


Challenge: This global organization’s goal was to reduce new development demand for customized data analytics and reporting by adopting and re-utilizing software assets.

 ASC completed a Global Change Management Strategy to consolidate and integrate IT Finance, PMO, and BIG Data tools, processes, and organizations into an Enterprise Governance model.


  • We developed and implemented strategies to deploy a global Change Management adaption methodology.
  • Our change management experts integrated multiple PMO units into an ePMO function by successfully creating and executing a universal OCM strategy.
  • This global Governance function integrated Data, PMO, and Change Management CoE capabilities.


The quality of the data analytics solution delivery and decision support platforms improved by 36%.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

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