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  • 28 Jan, 2020
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Are you still doing IT Strategies the Old Way?

In our business, regularly we find Technology leaders say that want to innovate; however, when we examine their IT Strategy, we observe two very big hinderances to achieving innovation.  

  1. First – No Innovation in the Plan
  • No technologies identified
  • No resources to conceive or nor to identify or implement the innovation
  • No external confluences from which to draw innovation
  • No budget allocated to research or test solutions
  1. Second – Planning Done in the Same Old Way
  • Strategy based on current and past not on the future
  • Strategy does not involve pre-vetting with other parts of the organization
  • No tools used to capture, track and facilitate the effectiveness of the strategy
  • Strategy becomes no more than an IT Spend Plan

When developing and IT Strategy for 2020 and beyond, we recommend a incorporating innovative elements to your IT strategy while not forgetting about some of the best practices of the past.  These include:

  • Research technology market for innovations specific to your industry
  • Collaborate ahead of time with business units that will be impacted by the IT strategy to get ‘buy in’ and some ‘requirements’ for where they would like to go as a business
  • Evaluate how effective your previous strategies where with respect to spend plan and use that to guide decisions for the next phase of strategy.

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