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  • 03 Jan, 2020
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CIOs: Don’t get Trapped in the Matrix

CIOs not only have to juggle day-to-day responsibilities and developing strategy, but also need to be on the lookout for IT troubles that could negatively affect their company.

Unexpected tech failures can easily end up as an article in The Wall Street Journal and result in your demise:

  • Security breach
  • Application outage
  • Disaster Recovery failure

It’s imperative for you to stay one step ahead of any potential trouble. A great way to ensure you’re receiving up to date, strategic advice is to enlist a trusted consultant (like Advancement Strategy!) to assist in developing plans and procedures to mitigate these risks.

Wishing for a trusted consultant is easier than actually receiving the help you need. You might run into negative responses due to:

  • Budget problems – no money earmarked for security proofing
  • The business-oriented decision makers don’t fully understand the risks involved with operating under lax security
  • Decision-makers do not want to spend money on security
  • Political tension between departments with a desire to use the money for other organizational priorities

It’s a challenging task, but you must avoid conceding to business priorities or keeping quiet regarding IT imperatives.  Evaluate how effective your previous strategies were with respect to spend plan and use that to guide decisions for the next phase of strategy.

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