Data & Analytics

Data is the new competitive advancement strategy.

At Advancement Strategy, our data experts drive outcomes that transform the way clients conduct business. We create and implement procedures, practices, policies and architecture that manage the full data life cycle of our clients’ enterprise data.

Our data engineers identify optimal data targeting to provide an accurate snapshot of your current data landscape, which improves UI and UX functions. ASC automation and algorithm methodologies simplify the data analyzation process, and provide direction and recommendations for transforming these findings into changes that improve your processes and outcomes.

We help clients determine measurable goals, develop data strategies, select and implement optimal analytics toolsets. Our focus on the unique needs of our clients and specialty in strategic improvements of our client’s data centric businesses set us apart. ASC’s approach to data and analytics changes the game for our clients in their specific industries. Our key capabilities include:

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Data Architecture & Engineering

We design and construct data platforms, stores, and warehousing. This includes developing and fine-tuning database engine performance through:

  • Converting, streamlining, and mapping data lineage.
  • Reshaping raw data to strategic data visualization.
  • Transforming data from outdated architectures into agile systems.
  • Providing UI & UX data engineering.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Metadata Integration

We develop integrations for every step of the data process for both cataloging and algorithmic systems,  from transaction production to consumption. Services include:

  • Upgrading existing data platforms across entire organizations.
  • Providing intelligent data optimization.
  • Developing automation and algorithm-driven data integrations for multiple systems.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Data Analytics, Reporting, & BI

We develop enterprise level information and self-service drill down reporting for dashboard-based delivery models.

  • We provide user-centric data modeling for Big Data functions.
  • We provide data cataloging, log search, and analytics modeling to help clients make the best decisions based on their data.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Diagnostic, Predictive, & Prescriptive Analytics

We provide data modeling that integrates advanced AI capabilities.

  • We extend and augment clients’ human resource capabilities utilizing AI.
  • We refine and mature decision tree analysis and predictive business modeling for clients.

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Data Hygiene & Master Data Management

We help clients navigate the journey through the data management lifecycle, from creation through sunset.

  • Data governance, hygiene and compliance management are all included in our expertise.
  • Our experts develop next-gen Master Data Management (MDM) strategies and provide data auditing and forensic analysis services.

ASC Insights

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