Information & Cyber Security

Our experts keep your organization safe. We protect and secure your enterprise.

Our professional security practitioners build custom security plans specific to our clients’ business, industry and threat exposure. We help clients protect their application systems, data and information assets, and assist in mitigating security vulnerabilities. Our Security SMEs can operate as a day-to-day CISO, develop and systems engineer your organization's global security infrastructure, and operate or monitor your enterprise CSOC. Our key capabilities include:

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Information Assurance

ASC Security Services protect all Information Technology assets from wasted resources and potential economic damage across our clients’ global enterprises. We identify and prevent phishing attacks, social engineering, and malware from compromising IT assets across all system networks.

  • The business outcomes of information risk management are our top priority. Our services mitigate potential threats and secure clients’ information systems, data, and IT assets.
  • We audit and assure data systems and processes for our clients. We provide business continuity and disaster recovery services as well as systems and security engineering.
  • We evaluate and research advanced technology countermeasures to ensure our clients are compliant within ever-evolving industry standards, regulatory requirements, and IT policies.

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Enterprise Security Governance

ASC’s IT Security Governance strategies are developed and deployed to support corporate compliance and adhere to standards and protocol. This includes administering and configuring management and credentialing solutions.

  • We create and execute risk-reduction strategies associated with unauthorized access to information systems and data.
  • Our SMEs design and implement all layers of integrated enterprise security platforms, including physical, fire, lighting, video, and intrusion detection systems.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

IT Security Design & Implementation

We provide support and expertise for every stage of the information and cyber security lifecycle, including planning, implementation, policy, training, maintenance, and auditing.

  • ASC designs and engineers SOA-oriented security services that enable BYOD strategies.
  • We utilize industry-wide and government standard frameworks (e.g. FISMA, ISO, and COBIT) to inform and develop business and IT policies.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Security Assessments & Correction Strategies

How can you ascertain if your security strategies are effective and strong enough for your business? The ASC team offers information & cyber security maturity and vulnerability assessments, audits, and corrective action strategies that mitigate gaps and improve enterprise security cohesiveness.

  • ASC provides current state and gap analysis as well as recommendations to improve your existing information & cyber security capabilities.
  • Our unique approach delivers actionable results for any small or global enterprise to dramatically improve every aspect of information and cyber security management capabilities and practices.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

CSOC Implementation & Management

Too many organizations lack the tools and processes to monitor their environments and remain vigilant to identify and contain breaches and attacks. We design, build, implement, and operate Cyber Security Operation Centers that provide 24/7/365 remote monitoring and alert management to both internal and external threats.

  • Every client is different—which is why each CSOC solution is custom engineered to fit your needs. Our services and integrations use a combination of cutting edge defensive and offensive technology solutions that quickly and effectively detect, analyze, and respond to potential cybersecurity incidents.
  • We assist clients in Event and Communications Management—if a major incident occurs, you’ll have a plan to quickly triage with essential personnel and effectively communicate mitigative actions.

ASC Insights

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