Business & IT Policy

Effective policy advances business bottom lines.

ASC's Business and Information Technology (BIT) Policy Division provides clients with a team of dedicated practitioners. We develop and promote meaningful enterprise policy management that guides our client’s operational outcomes. Our policy expertise supports our clients in management and oversight of their business enterprises and technology environments. The BIT team includes expert practitioners: industry experts, policy analysts, and global executives. Our team is comprised of thought leaders with extensive experience in policy consulting.

DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability


Our strengths include:

  • Designing and deploying both enterprise governance and technology management policies.
  • Strategic planning, integration and management of effective enterprise business management policies that target operational risk and reinforce critical business productivity outcomes.
  • Policy management package selection including systems implementation and integration with key enterprise management processes and workflow solutions.
  • Policy research and analysis tailored to the needs of metrics and decision-makers at all levels of business and information technology management.
  • Sophisticated policy and program evaluation to measure impacts and effectiveness.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability


Our team includes expert global business management practitioners,  researchers, and policy analysts. Our capabilities encompass:

  • Assessment: Analyzing current conditions and problems to develop recommendations and proposed solutions.
  • Strategy: Designing, developing and promoting targeted solutions including conducting investigative research on relevant laws and regulations that impact policies.
  • Engagement: Providing training, technical assistance, and change management (including communication services).
  • Monitoring: Auditing, surveillance and policy enforcement practices.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

Cybersecurity Policy

It’s no longer a matter of if you’ll need a security policy to protect your employees, operations, and data… but WHEN.

  • We have decades of experience in developing, assessing, and auditing cybersecurity policy for some of the world’s largest corporations.
  • We create information & cyber security policy, keeping up to date with the latest security measures both domestic and abroad.
  • Our work ensures your team’s clearly defined guidelines will secure your business enterprises.
DevOps, Infrastructure Automation & Reliability

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