Public Health Policy

Robust policy drives action.

ASC's Policy Division provides government and nonprofit clients a team of committed professionals to help develop and promote meaningful public health policy. Our policy expertise supports our clients in carrying out their vital missions.

Our team of expert researchers, analysts, and thought leaders have extensive experience in policy consulting, and in particular, with public health policy. Focus areas include alcohol and other substance abuse policy and environmental health policy.

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Our strengths include:

  • Policy research and analysis tailored to the needs of decision-makers at all levels of government and business.
  • Thought leadership on evidence-based practices to address the public health harms of alcohol and substance use.
  • Deep understanding of environmental issues, including climate change, and their effects on human health.
  • Sophisticated policy and program evaluation to measure impacts and effectiveness.
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ASC’s Policy team is made up of expert practitioners–lawyers, researchers, professors, and policy analysts. Our capabilities encompass:

  • Assessment: Researching current conditions and problems to develop recommendations and proposed solutions.
  • Strategy: Designing, developing and promoting targeted solutions.
  • Stakeholder engagement: providing training and technical assistance, community outreach activities, and communication services.
  • Monitoring: Surveillance of public health policies through legal epidemiology.
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Global Environmental Health Policy

Our team has deep knowledge and experience working in the environmental health sector. Team members have wide-ranging experience with environmental health issues through multiple lenses, including urban forestry, the built environment, climate change, green infrastructure, workforce development and many other overlapping sectors that directly and indirectly impact community health.

Our end goal is to support education, training, translation, and research that improves community health worldwide through scientific understanding of environmental exposure and its effects. We examine and address multiple environmental health topics, including:

  • Children’s environmental health.
  • Deep understanding of environmental issues, including climate change and its effects on human health.
  • Global environmental health.
  • Increasing access to environmental health services and education.
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Alcohol & Other Drug Policy

ASC has extensive experience in and familiarity with public health policy, and in particular, with alcohol and other drug policy. Addressing public health harms from excessive alcohol and other substance use through public policy requires a multi-faceted approach, involving all stakeholders (community, state, federal and key sectors of society, including law enforcement, healthcare, public schools, universities and the business community). Using policy to create effective change requires:

  • Understanding the unique systems or regulations in place.
  • Conducting research on relevant laws and regulations.
  • Compiling fact-based data and analyses into actionable information.
  • Providing comprehensive support to policymakers and the process.
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ASC is ready to assist you in your public policy efforts.

Let Advancement Strategy Consulting assist your team with developing, analyzing, and transforming your public health policy activities.


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