Are you still doing IT Strategy the old way?

In our business, regularly we find Technology leaders say that want to innovate; however, when we examine their IT Strategy, we observe two very big hindrances to achieving innovation.  

  1. First – No Innovation in the Plan
  • No technologies identified
  • No resources to conceive, identify or implement the innovation
  • No external confluences from which to draw innovation
  • No budget allocated to research or test solutions
  1. Second – Planning Done in the Same Old Way
  • The strategy is based on current and past, not in the future.
  • The strategy does not involve pre-vetting with other parts of the organization.
  • No tools are used to capture, track and facilitate the effectiveness of the strategy.
  • Strategy becomes nothing more than an IT Spend Plan.

When developing and IT Strategy for 2020 and beyond, incorporate innovative elements into your IT strategy but don’t neglect the best practices of the past.  These include:

  • Research technology market for innovations specific to your industry.
  • Collaborate ahead of time with business units that will be impacted by the IT strategy to get buy-in and clearly defined requirements for the business’ future plans.
  • Evaluate how effective your previous strategies were with respect to the spend plan, and use the data to guide decisions for the next phase of strategy.