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  • 02 Mar, 2020
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Top 5 Misconceptions CEOs have of CIOs

  • The top IT leader does not need to report to the CEO – As technology has advanced and more people use it everyday and the public has become more familiar with outsourcing, business leaders and stock exchanges have begun to take IT leaders for granted. Sometimes this manifests as the Senior IT leaders having lower ranking titles or reporting to other parts of the organization.
  • CIOs are expendable and easily replaced every 2 years (current average tenure is 18-24 months) – Building on the prior point, the tenure for CIOs has declined and when an event occurs such as a cost overrun or a security breach, often the CIO
  • CIO is a cost more than an asset – The CIO and his or her respective assets are often viewed as a cost to the business. Sometimes this is based on the perception that IT would simply be cheaper if it is all outsourced.
  • The CIO is not needed to define and implement a cloud or cloud migration strategy-This is a common oversimplification and short-sighted view that people have. Usually this results in long-term overspending or inadequate applications or services.

The IT function is tactical rather than strategic – Many organizations forget that it is well documented that the most successful, leading companies are those that most effectively use technology.  Those that value their technology leaders are also able to implement their business strategies by leveraging the latest technologies and innovations.



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