Information Technology

The Acting Practice Lead David Perez optimizes IT functions, reduces IT cost, and facilitates the execution of Strategy, Data, & Policy services.

David Perez

Acting Practice Lead

  • CIO/IT leadership and strategy advisory
  • Application management advisory
  • Infrastructure and cloud design
  • Information and cyber security design
  • IT organizational redesign/alignment
  • Enterprise management software implementation/integration
  • Cloud integration/migration
  • Technology transformation

Software Development & Integration Engineering

ASC designs, develops, configures, tests, deploys, and maintains application software.

  • We provide software engineering and integration capabilities on/off prem for most technology toolsets—from JavaScript, Python, C/C++, and Ruby to legacy platforms, like CICS, Cobol/PL/I, dB2, and JCL on zOS.
  • Our expertise encompasses cloud, ERP, mobile, legacy-mainframe, PaaS, and web-based application systems.

Agile (ScrumKanban) Software Development

The Advancement Strategy SCRUM Masters are experts in the development and engineering of the most widely deployed app dev and technology tool sets currently used today. Deploying open-source tools that take advantage of technological advancement is our standard operating procedure.

  • These methods include breaking functions into micro-services and using containerization, which enables continuous testing and production.
  • Utilizing Agile methodology throughout the app development process results in quickly and efficiently capturing requirements from our customers.
  • Sprint-based development ensures reliable applications completed on time, on budget, and according to specification.

Application, Solution, & Enterprise Architecture & Platform Solution Configuration

SOA is our SOP.

  • Our application solutions and designs integrate SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) across most standard, industry-approved application technologies and platforms.
  • We utilize our architecture-specific thought leadership across all levels of your information technology environments, including applications, integrations, data, and infrastructure.

Platform Solution Configuration.

  • ASC provides on-prem and off-prem services to enable, adapt, and sustain all On-Prem, SaaS, and PaaS solutions.
  • We develop applications for and configure the most widely-deployed Enterprise Management Platforms, including CRM, HRIS, SCM, ERP, and ITSM.


ASC jumpstarts your automation strategy using RPA and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Terraform and AWS Cloud Formation.

  • We utilize future-forward technology to provide scalable and reliable 24/7 infrastructure to our clients.
  • This includes analyzing, designing, building, automating, and running your network based on metrics and resources.
  • Partnering with leading technology platforms guarantees we deliver advanced infrastructure innovations to clients.

Cloud Services & Management

ASC migrates clients’ existing data to hybrid cloud platforms and provides cross-cloud, cross-cluster support to keep systems running smoothly.

  • We employ micro-service orchestration using tools like Kubernetes and Dockers to enable reusability that reduces the cost of developing or changing applications, ensures the efficient use of resources, and makes it easy to scale applications on demand.
  • We assist clients in the lifecycle migration from on-prem to hybrid and full cloud-based environments.
  • We clean, decommission, and sell existing physical hardware to complete the transformation process and allow clients to monetize the potential exit value of their systems.

Network Engineering, Management & Support

ASC helps clients establish and manage their networks and data centers, including hybrid environments.

  • We create, administer, manage, and maintain global network environments for clients.
  • Our engineering capabilities provide the uptime, reliability, and support services needed so every organization can operate at the speed of business.

Example Network Diagram

  • Technology solutions to provide access to important data
  • Custom software development to properly display important data
  • IT systems support to troubleshoot and correct client IT system challenges
  • CIO vision and advise on selecting the best portfolio of applications

$20B Global Media & Communications Corporation

Challenge: In order to implement new functional capabilities required to improve its global services delivery supply chain, this client needed to increase speed-to-market. There was also a need to decrease a growing backlog of new and existing change requests to existing production operations.


  • ASC’s Agile SW Development Global Capability increased the capacity of software design, development, and deployment of new scripts, integrations, and configurations by using Agile Kanban methods.
  • Our maintenance capabilities supported existing scripts, integrations, and configurations of global production operations. We performed solution testing, QA/QC, and provided end-user support to production releases.

User satisfaction scores increased by 24.5%, the IT request backlog reduced by 32%, and the sprint delivery cycle improved significantly after implementing these methods.

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